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Chrisland High School, Ikeja

From the Desk of The Principal

Chrisland High School, Ikeja is a vibrant, modern and unique school, concerned with the diversity of leaners as people in their totality.

Learners in our school are expected to identify and address personal and academic challenges and opportunities by using acquired knowledge, skills values and strategies.

Our well-trained, experienced and qualified educators support the learners to foster a feeling of positive self-worth, quality and academic excellence. We expect that our learners in the future will be able to complete nationally and internationally with their peers in a very competitive world.


Our educators implement creative and innovative teaching methods, and every lesson given or conducted, is supported by the application of state-of-the-art technology.

Therefore, the teaching and learning programme of the school, is focused on the higher cognitive domains of learning, expecting learners to:

  • Identify and solve problems by using and applying critical, creative and innovative thinking skills.
  • Be able to work effectively with other learners in a team or group
  • Collect information, analyse, organise and evaluate this in a critical manner
  • Communicate effectively in several ways by means of visual, symbolic and/or language skills and other techniques.
  • Use science and cutting-edge technology effectively and show a sense of responsiblity in the application of this towards the environment and people in the community.

The first line(in Latin) of our school song, summarises the outcomes of our teaching and learning programme: “Non Scholar Ced Vita” (Not only for knowledge but for light)

This latin phrase implies that the school is only preparing learners with knowledge, but also with insight into the world that consists of an integrated whole or totality of complex systems. The learners of Chrisland School, Ikeja will become the future global leaders in Nigeria, upholding the principles of peace and democracy in West Africa. Prospective learners that uphold high moral, academic standards and norms with quality leadership abilities, are invited to join our family at Chrisland High School, Ikeja.

Our location

Chrisland High School Ikeja, is located at 28, Opebi road, Opebi, Ikeja.

Air-conditioned bus service is provided for students who do not stay in walking distance from the school or those whose parents cannot bring to school. The environment is a safe haven, serene, beautiful and condusive for teaching and learning. Pro-active surveillance in the premises 24hours a day and seven days a week is assured.

Ability streaming in Chrisland High School, Ikeja

Students are streamed accordingly into these classes




The classes are very flexible, as a child in Tanzanite class who works hard may move to Sapphire and one from Sapphire who did not work hard may move to Tanzanite or Amethyst as the case may be.

School Holidays

The school observes Mid-Term breaks, Government recognized public holidays and terminal holidays.

School Houses

There are four houses in the school namely :

The Cedars

The Firs

The Oaks

The Pines

Upon resumption each student is assigned to a house.

We Offer:

Wholesome and qualitative education

Foreign Languages

Counsellling Services

Balanced nutritious lunch

Excursions within and outside Nigeria

ICT enhanced teaching/learning methods

A range of co-curricular activities including music,drama,dance,community service, cookery club and societies

A wide range of sporting opportunities for athletics, swimming, netball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton etc.

Our Facilities

Modern, Spacious fully air-conditioned classrooms, as well as tutorial rooms

Well equipped modern laboratories

Music and Drama Studio

Wireless Internet Access Throughout the school

Well Stocked library

Year Group Common Rooms

A large swimming pool

Well laid out air-conditioned cafeteria

Bus service (Air – conditioned buses)

Basketball Court

Recreational Games

Modern Language Laboratory

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