The child must be at least ten (10) years of age for our year 7 classes. An application form is obtained after which a prospective student writes an entrance examination.

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The schools have five basic academic departments, on which its well structured educational system thrives.

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As earlier mentioned, Chrisland College is fully residential. Our efficient full boarding system is guided by a well structured schedule that is flexible enough to stifle the adventurous spirit of youth, yet disciplined enough to inculcate enduring values and principles in them.

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Welcome to Chrisland College Idimu

Chrisland College exists to provide excellence in all facets of learning, ensuring outstanding professional teaching and classroom motivation, in order to attain a commendable level of scholastic and academic achievement. Through our curriculum, we aim to develop the full potential of each learner as a citizen of a dynamic world. At the end of the day, we hope to produce a life-long learner who is compassionate, confident, independent, literate and multi-skilled. A critical learner that has respect for the environment and is able to make a desirable impact on the society. At Chrisland College, we value our learners and in return expect them to uphold the mission and vision of Chrisland.

Recent Updates

Chrisland has been approved by the National Council for Private Schools as a school of international standards, after many weeks of assessing its operations and facilities. The approval was issued by the body to the school immediately after the results of the AI- Accreditation International Board of Accreditation Review regarding the accreditation of Chrisland School Limited was concluded. The body awarded Chrisland Schools Limited the status of Candidate Corporation and School.